adding indexes in MarkLogic

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adding indexes in MarkLogic

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What are the best practices to keep in mind for adding indexes in MarkLogic?

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Re: adding indexes in MarkLogic

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In general, high performance production search implementations run with tight controls on the automatic features of MarkLogic Server.

Re-indexer disabled by default
Format-compatibility set to the latest format
Index-detection set to none.
On a very large cluster (several dozen or more hosts), consider running with expunge-locks set to none
On large clusters with insufficient resources, consider bumping up the default group settings
xdqp-timeout: from 10 to 30
host-timeout: from 30 to 90

If there is a replication enabled in the system, while adding or updating indexes , replica database should be updated first before the master database. This is because the index settings will work only on the newly replicated documents and not on the existing documents.

When an index configuration must be changed in production, you should:

First, index-detection should is set back to automatic
Then, the index configuration change should be made

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