Nascent Fragment

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Nascent Fragment

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What is a nascent fragment? When it gets created?

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Re: Nascent Fragment

Post by amitgope »

When a document is loaded/inserted into MarkLogic, it gets written/added to the in-memory stand. At this point the fragment is considered a nascent fragment. Being nascent means it exists in a stand but hasn't been fully committed. (On a technical level, nascent fragments have creation and
deletion timestamps both set to infinity, so they can be managed by the system while not appearing in queries prematurely.)

If a large transactional insert is being performed it accumulates a lot of nascent fragments while the documents are being processed. They stay nascent until they've been committed. Once the fragment is placed into the in-memory stand, the request is ready to commit. It obtains the next timestamp value, journals its intent to commit the transaction, and then makes the fragment available by setting the creation timestamp for the new fragment to the transaction's timestamp.

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