What are the 3 most common mistakes in React Native and how to handle them?

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What are the 3 most common mistakes in React Native and how to handle them?

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Starting off with React Native on the wrong foot is really not advisable. You need to know the ins and outs of it, the right way to handle the errors, how to fix them, etc. But the most important will be to detect the mistakes.
Here, we will be talking about the 3 most common mistakes a beginner in React Native makes and how to avoid them.

1. Missing the key attribute in a list item in React Native
This is the first common mistake that everyone makes in React Native. Whenever you created a list item, make sure that you specify the key attribute. In case you fail to do that, React Native will keep re-rendering each time an item is changed or any modification is done.

2. Not using the console.log statement
console.log statements are one of the most important parts of coding in React Native as it helps in tracking the execution of your app. Therefore, a beginner needs to make sure that he has added it to the inside of the logic.

3. Bad Coding Practices
This is a major issue, and many programmers fail to follow it. Making sure that you follow the best coding practices keeps the app flexible so that you can extend it anytime. Avoid writing huge chunks of code.
Another important point to keep in mind will be to maintain the readability of the code by property restructuring, separating lifecycle, splitting render elements, defining prototypes, etc.

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