What is the relationship between React and React Native?

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What is the relationship between React and React Native?

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The relationship between React and React Native is that React is a library at its core that is in charge of creating a virtual DOM. With React you can render the DOM to the screen with the least of operations.

React has no opinion on the nodes that are present on the DOM tree virtually, but it has algorithms that can detect the changes made in the DOM tree and re-render whenever needed.

React is more useful for developing web apps because of the primitives it provides such as the <div> and <span>. But it has options for a developer to define new node primitives, like in React Native.

React Native has its own primitives that enables it to create native views instead of rendering HTML elements. It has primitives like <View> and <Image>.

React Native comes with a bridge that lets you implement JavaScript Runtime that allows you to implement native runtime and communicate asynchronously.

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